Ron Schuster, one of Billings’ most inspiring, soulful, loving, and longstanding musical staples, sits down to talk with us about his life as part owner of Budget Tapes and Records, a thirty year stint as DJ for KEMC (now YPR), as well as a singer and guitarist for bands such as D’Club la Peach, Dr. Pluto, NEO TRIO, Soul Brat, Schuster, and the Peach Pickers (and many others). Stick around to the end when we get the treat of hearing two beautiful songs written by Ron.

Will Sappington is a local musician and pastor who has an incredible journey of art, authenticity, and learning to walk through the ups and downs of life in a meaningful way.  His most recent music release is a testament to his heart and life as he continue to create beautiful things in Billings.

Mary Kate is a photographer from Billings, MT. She drives a 1961 Dodge Lancer, and can usually be spotted cruising around while taking photos. She loves shooting everything, from portraits to landscape.  She's got her hands in many different projects and art forms and is not afraid to try new things.

You can check her work out at

Drew McManus is the lead singer and songwriter of Satsang.  He creates music for his soul, fueled by the ever present task of personal growth and the beautiful life that he found in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana.  Satsang is a conscious music collective. Creating a unique blend of soul, folk-rock and hip-hop, Satsang delivers lyrics that come from and are rooted in change, growth, awareness, and imperfection.  Check out more at

Not only is this interview an amazing opportunity to connect with a great artist, this is also our first "Art Brew 2.0".  Parker Brown is jumping behind the mic in every interview now and working to stir the beauty that is coming from in and around Billings, MT with Matt.

November 30, 2016

Episode 14 | Jesse Murphy

Jesse is the president and founder of My Fight: a non-profit organization that is in business to end extreme poverty.  He's been in the business for over 7 years now and has a lot to say about how we are helping or hurting those in need around the world, along with some great insight on doing something meaningful with your life.  He's also a great friend and leader with in within the CMYK Community.  For more info head to

October 19, 2016

Episode 13 | Michael Uhrich

Michael Uhrich, owner and Brew Master at Carter's Brewing, got his start in the brewing world by making beer at home.  From that start until now he's brought a passion and an expertise to his craft.  This conversation revolves around what got Carter's Brewing going and how he's learning to keep a balance of his values, passions, and keeping a business afloat.

September 13, 2016

Episode 12 | Parker Brown

Parker Brown is back!  He's been working on a new solo record of tunes and we think it's worthy of talking about!  There's so much that Parker continues to bring to Billings as an artist, contributor, husband, father, and human being.  Make sure to check out his album "We Were Young" releasing September 17.

August 25, 2016

Episode 11 | David Cleaves

David is a local musician with a unique story that brings him to Billings and drives everything that he does.  He's up to some really beautiful stuff right now and you do not want to miss it.  Make sure to connect with him on Facebook and follow along with what's to come!

August 10, 2016

Episode 10 | Cassie LeGreca

Cassie is the owner of Better To Gather Events.  She share's her story of what brought her back to Billings, what she's up to, and what she's learned along the way.  We think she has some truly profound and important things to say that anyone could connect with.  Head to to find out more and connect with her work.

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